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OJO-pe0058830-SIn retailing, as in romance, sometimes a breakup comes as a surprise to virtually everyone, resulting from reasons known only to the partners to the relationship. For example, just a few months ago, Mango and JCPenney appeared to be functioning happily together, celebrating six years of Mango sections installed within JCPenney stores. But as of February, Mango will have closed all of its stores-within-the-stores, leaving it with only a few standalone shops in the United States. Prior to the announcement, there was little warning of the impending breakup. Chief executives of both companies had praised the alliance as a “perfect match,” bringing cutting-edge, fast fashion to a broad market of price-conscious shoppers in the United States. JCPenney appreciated how Mango enabled it to differentiate itself from competitors. Mango liked the support it received from a well-established chain as it continued in its international expansion efforts. But now all of the 450 Mango stores in the United States will close, without much explanation as to why. Maybe the truth will come out in divorce court.

Source: George Anderson, Retail Wire, November 11, 2015