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Glassdoor’s Annual Best Place to Work study ranked REI as one of the best places to work.  The top-50 list was compiled using employee reviews posted to Glassdoor’s website.  Employees rate their overall satisfaction with career opportunities, benefits, senior management, work/life balance, culture and value.

Article 6REI received 4 stars in workplace satisfaction, compensation, work/life balance, senior leadership and culture and values.  REI was ranked a little below average in career opportunities as some employees did not want to move in order to advance.  REI employees praised the company’s free life insurance, low cost health and dental insurance, and generous employee discounts.  REI employees also love the flexible schedule, friendly staff and a culture focused on community involvement and teamwork.  Sally Jewell, REI CEO, received an 89% approval rating.  Compensation at REI is higher than average for the industry.  However, some employees feel that there is a pressure to sell REI co-op memberships and are less than pleased about working holidays or getting adequate hours.

REI ranked 21st on the top 50 list.  Other retailers on the list included Trader Joe’s (24th), Apple (34th), Ikea (43rd), Costco (46th) and Starbucks (50th).  REI’s 4.0 rating far surpasses other retailers included in the survey (but not in the ranking).  For workplace satisfaction ratings, other retailers were significantly lower: Walmart (2.9), Target (3.2), Amazon (3.3), Nordstrom (3.5), Macy’s (2.9), Kroger (3.0), and Safeway (2.7).

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is REI a good place to work?

2. How does REI rate compared to other retailers?


SOURCE: Tom Ryan, Retail Wire, January 3, 2013