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Articel 2One of fashion retailer Cache’s primary objectives with its first mobile app was to include push notifications.  When customers download Cache’s mobile app they can choose between receiving push messages or not.  The push messages allow the brand to send customers messages based on the customers’ location and shopping habits if customers opt in.  For example, if a customer uses the Cache app to browse for new arrivals, the push notification will send the customer a message about a specific item they just checked out.  According to Cache’s VP of e-commerce, this allows for an interaction with the customer and an opportunity for the customer to become more engaged with the brand.

Cache has also loaded its 262 locations into the app so that it can target customers at the store level.  Cache is trying to incent customers to go into the stores and see new products or take advantage of a promotion. Cache’s mobile app also allows customers to scan Cache’s bar codes as well as develop a personalized wish-list.  Cache believes that push notifications are mainstream and customers no longer view them as an invasion.

Discussion Questions:

1. What is a push notification?

2. Would you accept push notification or would consider them to be an invasion of your privacy?


SOURCE: Christopher Heine, Adweek, December 27, 2012