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Article 5Sephora is continuing to prove that it is a leader in mobile.  Sephora is using in-store signage to promote its loyalty program in-stores.  The signage also encourages customers to try the Sephora mobile app.  The mobile app has new applications making it easier for consumers to shop in-store and online.  The Sephora To Go app makes the online and offline experience as seamless as possible.  Sephora wants its customers to use their phones in the store.

The in-store signage is intended to educate consumers about the benefits of the loyalty program, Beauty Insider. The signage also encourages customers to engage with Sephora’s mobile app.  When consumers visit Sephora’s mobile site, they can automatically create a Beauty Insider account.  This automatically loads a bar code that can be scanned at point of sale to track customer purchases.  Sephora also uses Passbook to promote its beauty card and loyalty program.

Sephora is hoping to empower shoppers to help them in their decision making and product search needs and to develop a long-term relationship with consumers.

Discussion Questions:

1. How is Sephora encouraging its customers to use its mobile apps?

2. Do you believe these initiatives will significantly increase sales?

3. In general, sales through the mobile channel has been slower than expected.  Do you shop using a mobile device? Why or why not? Do you expect mobile sales to increase as retailers adopt initiatives like those of Sephora?


SOURCE: Lauren Johnson, Mobile Commerce Daily, August 23, 2013