At American Eagle Outfitters, students who present their college IDs can do far more than purchase new jeans or t-shirts; they also can make sure their existing clothing is clean. In a flagship store in Manhattan, the retailer offers laundry facilities for free, seeking to appeal to university students with a social gathering spot that also happens to sell clothing and accessories. The store focuses predominantly on jeans, but it also offers free Wi-Fi and a social space, such that students can hang out and study while their clothes go through the rinse cycle. Tablets in the dressing rooms also encourage the visitors to interact with the brand. Although cash-pressed and time-limited students thus might drop by the store to gain convenience and a free service, American Eagle Outfitters hopes that the enjoyable experience will translate into future sales. If it can get members of its target market to walk into the store, it is that much more likely to be able to sell them new products and styles as they arrive on store shelves.

Source: Tom Ryan, Retail Wire, October 30, 2017