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Seeking to take advantage of the growth in activewear sales, Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship New York City location recently opened a 16,000-square foot space that offers a variety of fitness classes and wellness services. Dubbed the Wellery, the new space allows customers to make reservations to take their favorite fitness class, partake in a relaxing massage, or test out the latest home gym equipment. Saks hopes that the new offerings will provide customers with a new way to feel good while they are in the retailer’s store and encourage more frequent visits. If customers happen to pick up a new pair of yoga pants on the way out, well then, even better.

This retailer is known for its ambitious tactics, designed to help support and enhance its in-store sales. In 1935 for example, this same location constructed an indoor ski slope so that the retailer could offer skiing lessons—and then sell skiing equipment and supplies. The Wellery is yet another example of the creative, outside-the-box thinking that Saks uses to set it apart from its department store competition.

Discussion Questions: 

  1. At which step of the buying process would fitness classes be most effective?
  2. Do you believe in-store fitness classes will stimulate sales?

Source: Tom Ryan, Retail Wire, June 28, 2016