The latest perk for Amazon Prime members is a promise to make clothes shopping easier. The Prime Wardrobe service sends members a box of at least three items—clothes, accessories, shoes, and so forth. Consumers can try on the options and take up to a week to decide if they want to keep them. If not, they put the unwanted items back in the preaddressed box, and back it goes to Amazon. If they like the looks, they may purchase them, as well as earn discounts that increase with the number of items selected: 10 percent off if the shopper keeps three products, 20 percent off for five or more purchased items. Amazon notes that more than 1 million items, spanning choices for women, men, and children, will be available through the program. Thus, it promises to make shopping for clothing less painful, and keeping what you want even easier.

Source: George Anderson, Retail Wire, June 21, 2017