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In addition to providing retail and repair services, Apple has a new goal in mind for its retail stores: provide a space to help enrich the lives of consumers. Apple’s newly redesigned “town square” retail stores will feature dedicated spaces for education opportunities and creative pursuits, demonstrating that there is more to the technology giant’s mission than simply generating profits.

By the end of 2016, one-fifth of Apple’s 500 stores will have been remodeled. The new spaces will include dedicated education areas. In these areas, Apple will provide staff members who can instruct local teachers on how to bring technology into their classrooms, teach coding lessons to students of all ages, and expand the company’s existing summer tech camps for kids. The newly remodeled stores also will feature creation spaces for professionals and amateurs alike to learn how to leverage the functions on their existing Apple products for a variety of creative pursuits like photography. Then performance spaces will be added, to help Apple to support local artists and musicians by giving them time for live performances.

With these new additions to the traditional retail space, Apple is hoping not just to appeal to consumers but also to keep its employees happy. The efforts seem to be working. Apple stores have an 87 percent employee retention rate, well above the average for similar retailers.

Discussion Question:

  1. What is Apple doing to enrich the customer experience and garner loyalty?

Source: George Anderson, Retail Wire, October 19, 2016