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MHHE005213Shoppers at Best Buy can often find what they want in dedicated stores within the stores. These options are among the key reasons for Best Buy’s resurgence and recent success, reflecting its strong relationships with vendors and ability to offer the kind of variety its customers demand. These successes have been so notable that Best Buy is entering into a partnership in which it takes the other side—that it, where it represents the store within, rather than the host store. Accordingly, for this year’s holiday shopping season, consumers will find Best Buy stores within 10 Macy’s locations. The mini–Best Buys will take up about 300 square feet of space and offer tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, audio devices, and accessories. As it does in traditional Best Buy stores, Samsung will have a strong presence. Staffing the in-store stores will be Best Buy personnel, ready to answer shoppers’ questions about high-tech devices. Best Buy’s recent resurgence, as well as Macy’s willingness to innovate, have contributed to the new initiative. In addition, Macy’s notes that customers are seeking more variety in the items available to them, whether to purchase for themselves or as gifts. By adding the latest and coolest electronics gadgets, Macy’s ensures that it is a shopping destination for virtually anyone.


Source: George Anderson, Retail Wire, September 9, 2015