Target might be a nationwide chain, but customers increasingly look for local appeal. Accordingly, the retailer is implementing a new form of designer collaboration, seeking to leverage local pride and encourage sales.

mhhe014469In the past, Target has initiated multiple collaborations with well-known designers. But the latest interaction with designer Todd Snyder is a little different. Rather than introducing an element of his existing clothing offerings, the “Local Pride by Todd Snyder” line will feature a greatly expanded assortment, specific to various cities and locales.

The first collection focuses on Boston. Snyder has designed t-shirts that play on locals’ accents and self-esteem, proclaiming their wearers “Wicked Smaht.” But the collection is not limited to clothing; it also features offerings of Marshmallow Fluff to make Fluffernutter sandwiches (i.e., a local favorite, made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff between two pieces of bread) and Topps’ baseball cards.

Other cities will have their own unique product lines. For Chicago for example, Snyder anticipates offerings of Old Style beer and various items featuring Mike Ditka. Plans for additional cities include Los Angeles and San Francisco, though depending on the success of the assortments, the collaboration could extend further.

For now, only local stores will carry these items, in an attempt to help shoppers feel as if their local Target store is specific and unique to them. At some future date, the products also might be available for sale on Target.com, but only after it has ensured the local consumers that it really gets them—even if they speak in strong Boston accents.

Discussion  Questions:

  1. What is Target doing to “localize” its stock selection?
  2. When Target “localizes” its stock selection in your area, what products should it consider?


Source: Christina Binkley, The Wall Street Journal, July 15, 2015